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Manufacturing Specifications
Type Piston Rod Cylinder Stroke(mm) Force(N)
Free 6 15 30-150 30-300
8 18 30-200 50-600
10 22 30-255 50-1000
12.5 27.4 165-200 50-1300
Characteristics of the Product:
  • It is light, and small in size, and can have a large load.
  • Characteristics of the spring can be set freely.
  • Operation is smooth. (No mechanical friction is made, and noise and shock during compression and tension can be absorbed)
  • Operation is easy.
  • Installation is easy.
Principle of Operation:

As shown below, high-pressure gas is sealed in the cylinder gas chamber of the free type gas spring, while the Piston Rod is compressed. For this reason, the Piston Rod always carries repulsive power in the direction of expansion. Hence, the degree of repulsive power is dependent upon the pressure inside the gas chamber and the outer diameter of the Piston Rod.

  • Pressure(P) applied to surface A creates Force (F).
  • As Piston Rod is pressed, Gas Chamber of Cylinder is reduced as much as volume of Piston Rod and Gas is expanded, therefore pressure increases.



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